Four by Veronica Roth

WIN_20141223_180634 (2)

First off, I would like you all to ignore my awkward book selfie. Secondly, I would like to make you all aware that I am kicking off winter break by laying in my bed reading and then immediately blogging about what I have just read.

I was extremely skeptical about reading Four. Generally, I hate reading the same book over again from another perspective and that was exactly was I expected from this book. I read it anyways because I can’t help myself when it comes to books and I have no self control.

I was pleasantly surprised. It was a quick read, much like the other books in Divergent series*, but it was captivating. There definitely was some repetitiveness, especially in the three short chapters in the end where Tris is involved, but a lot of it was completely new.

I loved reading about Four’s initiation. I had no idea the initiations weren’t always so brutal and I loved the extra insight. I loved learning about the games and traditions and really just more about the factions.It honestly made me like Tobias better as well. I just saw him as a moody guy who liked a phenomenal female character. Now, not only do I like him, I think he is a really interesting character and I feel bad for him (more so than when I found out about Marcus the first time) and I have this weird pride for fictional characters who do difficult things and overcome bad situations.

Because Four is a small collection of short stories I am giving it a short review. It only seems fair. Four was good, but it isn’t a piece of literature that I would feel incomplete without. It was really nice for a couple days worth of distraction from whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing. I also have to keep this brief because I have another book waiting for me.

Happy Holidays!

*About the Divergent series, they are not quick because they are easy or little, they are quick because while you are reading them you may forgot to do daily tasks like homework, or eating, or sleeping.


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