My Sister’s keeper by Jodi Picoult (spoilers)

WIN_20141224_195731 (2)

Official first book of Christmas break. On that note, happy Christmas Eve to all who celebrate.

Although this was a terribly sad, buzz kill kind of a book I really liked it. It did make me very angry in a way that I wanted to toss in across the room or into my fire place. I watched the movie years ago (shame on me for not reading the book first) and I thought it was sad but I definitely did not recall this amount of anger.

This book is told from different perspectives. That is a tricky style, in my opinion, because it either makes the book difficult to follow or enhances your perception of the characters and the story. In this book it worked.

Kate was diagnosed with Leukemia at age two and Anna is made to be her donor. Kate’s illness is severe and Anna and Jesse really get put on the back burner. I feel terrible for Anna, she is put in a tough place and I wanted to take her side when she hired Campbell Alexander to medically emancipate her from her parents. Kate needs a kidney, and Anna doesn’t want to give it. If I were in the situation, I would give my sisters anything to live, but I might feel differently if the reason I was alive was to give them every part of me. This story follows Anna’s lawsuit, Kate’s illness, Jesse being ignored and his rebellious teenage ways, Anna’s father, Brian’s career, and Campbell and Julia’s weird love life. It was insane.

There were some awesome things about this book, but two in particular stood out to me. Here come the spoilers. Number one was that no one was how they seemed. Campbell seemed to be really quite an ass in the beginning but it turns out he cared about people and was hiding his terrible epilepsy. Jesse seemed like just an angsty kid when he really did care, but also was harboring some other problems like arson. Anna filed a petition but she wanted to give Kate that kidney. Kate seemed like she wanted to beat cancer, but she told Anna to kill her. The second thing I loved was the excuses Campbell gave for his service dog, Judge, and that they changed every time.

Lastly, I CAN NOT EVEN WRAP MY MIND AROUND THE FACT THAT ANNA DIED. That was cruel and mean and a perfect example of how the world is not a fair place. Beautifully written, but I will never get over the fact that Anna won and then died immediately after. How rude.


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