The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp

I would first like to apologize for my absence. As I get closer to graduation, everything is getting extremely busy. Because of the hectic-ness of my life currently, The Spectacular Now was the perfect break.

I love the concept of the title. Living in the moment and loving every second of being young, I want that ability. However, I don’t think Sutter, the main guy, actually has the power to be in the moment. Sutter is drunk this entire book, and if he isn’t drunk he is high or buzzed. i didn’t actually like Sutter as a person, I think he’s got a good heart, but he isn’t someone that I would want to associate with.

Sutter begins the book with an infatuation with his large girlfriend, Cassidy. They party and get drunk and whatnot but Cassidy breaks it off because Sutter is not boyfriend material. Sutter is fun, he knows hoe to have a good time, but I don’t think he thinks about other people’s feelings. Through sheer luck Aimee finds Sutter while she is working her paper route. Sutter takes a sort of pity on Amy, she’s not pretty and she does everything for her family and her best friend. Sutter starts spending a lot of time with Aimee and kind of teaches her ways. All of Sutters friends urge him to leave Aimee because she is definitely not meant to be like him.

I was so taken by this book. It’s such an honest, sad, thrilling tale of being a struggling high schooler. I felt bad for Aimee and I felt really bad for Sutter because after everything he really did what was best for her. There was so much love and adventure and it kind of made me appreciate high school a little more, which is no easy task.

Check this book out, it was such a great way to gear up for prom.


The Legend Series by Marie Lu


Nothing excites me more than a dystopian novel that makes me forget that I have read a million dystopian novels. Nothing.

With that out of the way I can tell you all about how much I loved this series I was putting off reading. My dear friend recommended it to me and at the time I thought my eyes would burn right out of my head of I read another dystopian book, but now here I am, raving on like a lunatic without even telling you what the book is about.

In Legend, we meet June Iparis, a young prodigy of the Republic, training to be one of the military’s finest. June is strong and brilliant and a huge trouble maker. We also meet Day, who is June’s age and happens to be the Republic’s most wanted criminal. I bet you can guess where this is going.

I loved this series because no matter which way I thought the book was going to go, there was a million different options. I also loved the HUGE love triangle(circle/square/hexagon) because honestly Day and June could end up together or Day and Tess or June and Anden or June and Thomas. All that craziness was going on during a war! The talent that has to be had for that!

The first book was about talking down Day and the June figuring out what is really worth fighting for. The second is about what side is really the right side. And the last book is literal perfection I can’t even say anything that will not spoil it. But as much as I told myself that I will not cry, because I am a grown woman and these people don’t exist, I shed a tear in the very end.

No go my young padawans, be free to read these glorious books.

If you liked: Divergent, The Hunger Games. A Brave New World, The Selection, The Testing

The Last Time We Say Goodbye by Cynthia Hand

Yes, this book is also kind of about suicide. No, no one needs to worry about me, I just happened to like when authors run over my heart with semi-trucks and then leave it there to bleed. I really like sad books, but don’t worry the review after this one will be a total change of pace.

In the book, The Last Time We Say Goodbye, Lex is trying to let go of her brother, Tyler, after he killed himself. Lex is a smart girl, and after what happens with her brother she kind of pushes everything aside to be alone and wallow. She distances herself from her friends, she breaks up with her boyfriend, she even gets a bad grade on a calculus test. Lex doesn’t know how to deal with her mother or herself or anything after Tyler. This book is about her trying to function like a person does, after an unthinkable event happens and I like that.

This book was a mostly honest story that took me one flight to read. I say mostly honest because the way people treated Lex seem to be correct, but I don’t know if I would handle things the way Lex did. I do understand that all people are different, but the people I know who have lost siblings to suicide aren’t able to function like Lex, the people I know handled it more like their mom, by drinking more. I don’t know. Writing about people who drown their sorrows isn’t fun and exciting, I liked that Lex came through. She is hope, and she kind of leads the way for the rest of her family, even when she thinks she is going crazy.

Mosquitoland by David Arnold

I really liked this book.

Mim was a one of a kind character that I loved right off the bat. Adapting to the life of a stepmother and an incoming stepsister is driving Mim up the wall, piling that on top of a divorce, a mother who seems to have disappeared entirely, and a father who insists on medicating her, well that’ enough to make anyone crazy. When Mim feels like she has been pushed too far she gets on a bus to go find her mother and that’s when the story gets interesting.

During her travels, Mim meets a whole host of wild and crazy character. From kind old ladies to creepy men with glassy eyes, she handles everything the road throws at her with near perfect grace. I loved her.

This book is an awesome story. It reminds me of a road trip book with heavier baggage. All the characters were beautiful and the adventure is beyond anything I would have ever thought of. I recommend reading this book if you liked Let’s Get Lost and My Heart and Other Black Holes. This book does talk about mental illness and suicide, so trigger warning with that. But it really is a good story of finding a family in the people you chose as well as the people life gives to you.

My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Wanga

This was honestly a touching story. In My Heart and Other Black Holes, Aysel meets Roman through an online suicide help site. With the help of this site, Aysel and Roman meet and decide to become suicide partners. As time goes on they begin to be friends and each deal with their own tragedies. Aysel works hard to overcome the guilt left behind from her father’s crime and Roman deals with his sister’s death.

This book is sad. But it really is a worth while read. I like books like this one and All the Bright Places because they show you that even though love is great and whatever, when it comes right down to it a person can’t save you. Being in love doesn’t solve problems or take away guilt, it can help, but it isn’t a magical cure. I like that this book is hopeful and still real.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves to make themselves cry as much as I do.

xoxo Lauren