Ways to Take Care of Yourself



This time of the year has been stressful for everyone. Whether you have midterms, or are looking for a new place to live or just following the election cycle. This has been a rough month for all of us so far which is why it is more important than ever to take care of yourself.

We all know the “you can’t pour water from an empty cup” saying. I know that I need to make sure I am not burning myself out trying to do too much and I know many others in this same boat.

Instead of just suffering here are some ways to help yourself.


Get up early to look extra nice. I’m talking hair, makeup, AND your favorite outfit.

Paint your nails.

Take a long shower or bath, shave or don’t whichever empowers you. Exfoliate and moisturize, your skin will thank you.

Change your hair. Sometimes the smell of the dye is enough to make you feel better.


Take a killer nap.

Get cozy and watch a movie or some Netflix.

Take an hour phone-free to read a book.

Make some tea and sit outside or just look out the window.

Build a blanket fort. Who can be sad in a blanket fort?


Go for a run or walk.

Make a nice meal for you or a friend.

Crafts. There isn’t anything you can’t fix with glitter and yarn.

Call a friend or family member.

Cuddle a pet.


Give your friends hugs.

Donate to your favorite charity.

Volunteer with an organization you support.

Write a thank you note to anyone.


Enough — WAM Collective

Last year the WAM Collective had the privilege to work with local dance collective Kelvin Wailey for our performance intermission at the 2016 Design Showcase. One of Kelvin Wailey’s members Leila Awadallah created the following video piece this week in response to the violent islamophobic and racist vandalism that occurred across the University of Minnesota campus last week. […]

via Enough — WAM Collective

Election Reflection

What can I say that hasn’t already been said during this election cycle. Secretary Clinton is highly qualified and Mr. Trump is not. I am scared.

I am scared because this election will have one of two outcomes. On November 9th my sisters and I will either celebrate an achievement that has taken us 44 presidents and far too long to accomplish or I will have to fear for the rights of my neighbors and my sisters. I will have to fear for our country and the members of this country that make it so diverse and beautiful.

You may not agree with Secretary Clinton. You may not like her. You may think she’s “crooked” or not relatable enough. But the president does not have to be relatable they have to be strong and qualified and Secretary Clinton is both of those things and she is a woman. She knows the value of diversity.

Donald Trump does not value my intelligence. He doesn’t value my compassion. He doesn’t value my art, or my voice. Donald Trump doesn’t value women for what makes them who they are he values them based only on the way they look and how they are useful to him.

I am proud of this country. We have so much potential. But we will not reach our potential if we are being lead by a man who does not value the members of society that don’t look or act like him. If Donald Trump is our president, if he is the role model for this country, I do not want to see what kind of behavior will follow. Nothing he has done shows me that he has the compassion and patience the president of our country requires.