Summer reading list


The first up on my reading list is The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. I have heard a lot of good things on the internet about it. This book takes place in a caste system that is defined by their type of blood. I love dystopian books so I’m really looking forward to reading this!

Second goes to The Young Elites by Marie Lu. I LOVED THE LEGEND SERIES! That in itself is why I really want to read it, I was so in love with her writing in the trilogy. It’s seems that this book follows up ten years after the disease in the trilogy. Some children have gifts because of the disease, and some people are looking to take them down. Yeah I’m pumped for this book.

I’ll Meet You There is next. This book is by Heather Demetrios. Skylar is faced with the possibility of losing art school and Josh lost his leg in Afghanistan. They meet in a hotel and who knows what will happen next? I’ll keep you updated.

I Was Here made the list because of the love I have for Gayle Foreman and sad books. Cody’s best friend, Meg, kills herself and Cody is left alone. Through everything Cody begins to think that maybe there’s a lot about Meg that Cody didn’t know. Gayle Foreman has yet to disappoint.

Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver is a recent addition to my reading list. But the cover looks cool downy not? It’s about sisters and disappearances and that is all I know!

I’m looking forward to reading and keeping you updated!


The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson


Jandy Nelson is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. She stole my heart with I’ll Give You The Sun and now I’m dealing with The Sky is Everywhere. Truthfully, I liked I’ll Give You The Sun more but I’m not saying that I didn’t really like this one.

Jandy Nelson doesn’t write stories that everyone in the world will fall in love with, she writes art. Some people won’t get it, but those who do will be moved by these books. I loved them.

The Sky is Everywhere is about a girl called Lennie who is dealing with losing her sister in an unexpected death. Lennie and her family (consisting of her strange grandmother and her hopeless romantic uncle) struggle to recover from the grief that lives with them since Bailey died. Lennie begins hanging out with Toby ( Bailey’s old boyfriend ) and things go from bad to worse. Lennie feels like Toby is the only one who understands and she feels very close to him. At school Lennie meets another boy who she is convinced is made out of sunshine. He makes her forget that anything ever happened. This story has love in it but it isn’t a love story, it’s a story about loss and friends and family and forgiveness.

I loved this book because of all the great characters. The musical geniuses that are the Fontaine brothers. Gram the Garden Guru and Big make up possibly the weirdest family I’ve ever met. The Half-Mom in the living room. There wasn’t a character that I didn’t think was great.

I really recommend this book. I honestly couldn’t put it down.

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

What can I say? I’m a sucker for a good dystopian series and that is precisely what this is.

The Lunar Chronicles provides the readers with unlikely heroes and thrilling tales all while keeping a slight trace of old fairy tales. I loved it. I have read all the way through Cress I am only really going to review Cinder because it could get just a little confusing.

Cinder is about a teenage girl mechanic who faces discrimination everyday because of the fact that she is also a cyborg. Her only friends are an android and the one stepsister that doesn’t hate her. One day when the dreamy prince brings Cinder an android to fix things get complicated. Cinder and Prince Kai develop a strange relationship and he invites her to be his royal guest. Unfortunately they can’t ride off into the sunset and enjoy their happily ever after because there are more pressing issues to attend to. Cress has been selected for the Cyborg Draft, the plague is threatening to take down more citizens, and the Lunar Queen wants to marry the prince and take over the Commonwealth.

Really this book was a worth while read. It was fun and interesting. Usually I complain about having read the same book several different times (Divergent, Hunger Games, The Testing) but this series is definitely unlike anything I have read before and I want everyone to read it.