New Semester, New Me?

First week of Spring semester update!


New year, New me is a common mantra that many people speak beginning the new year, however true it may or may not be. I can tell you all with confidence that a week into school “New Lauren” is struggling to stay on top of the game. But what I’m here to tell you today is that it isn’t the fact that you aren’t making resolutions at all. What matters is that you are trying. As long as you are trying you will keep progressing, even if it may be slowly.

This semester I want my grades to be better, I want to dress up more, and I want to be more involved in school and in Minnesota. Obviously my New Year’s Resolutions apply as well. Four days into school restarting and I am exhausted but boy oh boy am I doing my best but I didn’t do everything I wanted.

With that being said, that doesn’t matter. The fact that I missed one meeting that I wanted to attend matters so much less than keeping up with all of my homework, catching up with an old professor, getting some tour guide training in, and being able to march this weekend. I have kept to working out and dressing up and making all my meals at home and it is a start and baby steps are better than no steps, amirite?

This week went well and next week will go even better.

Image taken in Germany


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