How I Pack for One Week



Tomorrow after my shift at Noodles, I will be setting out for a week-long adventure with my grandparents. We will be eventually be rolling into Tennessee, but by this time tomorrow we will have only hit Madison. I plan to be blogging (and live tweeting) the whole experience. To get a head start on blogging the trip, I decided I would talk about one of the things about travel I love the least; packing. I’ve known about this for too long to have an excuse to start packing this late. I also am the queen of leaving important things at home, so I was hoping by writing it all out I would realize if I left anything out. We will see how well it works.

I started this monsterous task by throwing the last load of laundry in and picking out a suitcase. I decided on the smaller of the two suitcases after realizing nothing fit in the tote bag I was going to use. Then I attempted to lay out the clothing I could possibly need. After throwing around every article of clothing I own, I settled on choosing a long sleeve t-shirt, a couple half sleeves, a few tank tops, a couple work out shirts, and a light jacket. I shoved a couple pair of athletic shorts alongside my jeans and other shorts. For extra clothing, I brought my nice Birkenstocks, my Teva sandals, my tennis shoes, and my Keen Hiking boots, two swimsuits, one dress, a couple over shirts and one sweatshirt. I tried to dress for a variety of different temperatures because I have no idea what I’m getting myself into.

Once I got the most boring stuff over, I turned my attention to the top drawer of my dresser. Cosmetics is always tricky to pack because I use almost everything in a daily routine, but when I’m traveling sometimes I just have to sacrifice. Maybe I could only use one hair gel instead of five, or use the little perfume. However, there are some things you just can’t travel without. For example: deodorant, toothbrush and paste, sunscreen, and make up removal wipes. I wasn’t quite that minimalistic with my packing, but we can pretend.

My Adventure Backpack is my favorite thing to fill. My Adventure Backpack is my regular backpack, but it sounds way more fun when I call it that. I will be putting my cameras, film, extra batteries, pencils, sketchbook, journal, chargers, laptop, needlework, and books of choice in my backpack for hours of entertainment. I’m hoping to get a lot of art stuff done on the drive so there are colored pencils and pens spilling out of every pocket in my bag. My three choice books are The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Read This if You Want to Take Great Photographs of People, and The Knockoff. Needless to say, I shouldn’t get bored. I also will have my very interesting grandparents to keep me occupied so I’m not worried. I’m notorious for bringing enough books to qualify carrying my backpack as a work out, but not enough that I don’t have to buy more. There is no balance. Maybe by tomorrow I will have an idea on what I will be listening to for music, and I can supply you with my road trip playlists.

Now that you’re aware of all the fun that’s about to go down, you can follow the whole trip right here!


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