Guerrilla Girls and Glow in the Dark Yoga


You may be asking yourselves what the Guerrilla Girls have in common with Glow in the Dark Yoga. To your surprise, these events have more in common than just taking place on the same night and beginning with the letter G. They also happen to be the result of getting involved with activities your school offers. College, and life, is full of new opportunities and I stress the importance of getting involved and taking advantage of all that the world has to offer you. Guerrilla Girls was made known to me by the student group I am a part of, The WAM Collective, and I heard about the Glow Yoga through the Recreation and Wellness center. Both of these have made a huge difference in my freshman year at college, but before I go into that I want to tell you all just a little about the experiences themselves instead of preaching to you what every school counselor will tell you.

The Guerrilla Girl panel was a panel of artists from diverse backgrounds and two founding Guerrillas and they answered questions and talked about their experiences. It was an amazing experience as a young female, artist, and feminist. Hearing some experiences that these distinguished women had to face is so unbelievably comforting, because if they can endure all this sexism and discrimination, anyone can. With that being said, no one should have to go through any of that, but it’s better to know you are not alone in this. One thing I heard over and over during the panel was that we are “near equality” and “it ends with us.” Every generation of women who fought before us did it so us, the generations that came after wouldn’t have to fight. Every women stood up for herself and her sisters in hopes that their children wouldn’t have to and yet here we are. The concept of near equality is still so present in so many places, it’s clear to see when people say ridiculous things like ‘racism is over’. It obviously is not and if someone believes it is then that is just their excuse not to fight for equality anymore. It makes me irate.

I am unbelievably excited to see what else the Guerrilla Girls bring to town this week. Since I will be going to see them again on Saturday, it’s highly probable that I would be able to keep you updated.


I thought it would be impossible to follow up the Guerrilla Girls with something better. But I went to Glow Yoga, Glowga if you will, fueled by feminist rage, and I was proved wrong. My partner in crime, Sam, and I made the trek to the RecWell at 9pm for the late night yoga sculpt class with my favorite teacher. Although both of of were exhausted afterwords, we both got a great workout in and had more fun than we had all week, and it was so worth it.

I want to wrap up with a little bit more about getting involved with groups and places on campus. Coming to a college where I didn’t know anyone was a huge change, way different than Bloomer, and going out of my way to meet new people was something I really felt that I needed to do. Obviously, I have made more than enough high quality friends here, but I definitely wouldn’t have as many without these awesome resources for students. The WAM Collective is already like a second family to me and I’ve only really been a part of it since January and last semester, going to Kelsey’s yoga sculpt class on Mondays was the best way to start my week. It doesn’t matter weather you go to college with everyone you’ve known since kindergarten or without a single person you know. Getting involved with groups you are really interested can really widen your circle and that’s what college is for. Now go get outside your comfort zone, I promise it’s fun.


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