No Such Thing As Bad Weather

As February is now over it seems like an appropriate time for an update on some New Year’s Resolutions of mine. My main goal was (and is) to have more experiences than things.  I’m really trying to get out and see what this world has to offer me, which is appropriate for a person my age because as I am deciding who I am I think it’s important for the world around me to have an impact. This has been such a mild winter, and I have had many opportunities to get outside  and enjoy it. I am so glad I love all the seasons, but I feel like the winter doesn’t get as much love as summer so this is a winter appreciation post.IMG_1891Bloomer, WI:

I have been attempting to organize a ski trip since I got back to school, unfortunately, this has not worked out no matter how many different plans we made. At least every time we change our plans we end up doing something equally as fun. For our weekend in Bloomer, we spent the day teaching Vivian to ice skate followed by a few runs down the sledding hill. Instead of teaching her to ski at Christie Mountain. As it turns out, Galentine’s Day (Feb. 13), is the perfect day to get out on the ice because no one else was, aside from those twelve year old boys who tried to hit on us. All of us needed some practice after being away from the rink for so long and needed our space to figure out how to move again.We stayed out on the ice for a long time and Vivian really got the hang of it. When we could no longer feel our feet, we traded our rental ice skates for our plastic sleds and moved on to the golf course hill.  IMG_1890

We all took the plummet down the icy hill and honestly, it could have gone better, but it also could have gone much worse. We went one at a time and down the different sides of the hill, but as it turns out, no side is safe.Vivian and Autumn escaped with few wounds, but Sam and I suffered a more unfortunate fate. Sam, after sliding under a fairly large pine tree, suffered some needle puncture wounds, and I had the experience of going over the jump backwards and on accident. Although we were sore, it was nothing some hot chocolate and some dry clothes couldn’t cure.

Minnehaha Falls, MN:

My relentlessness to get us out of the dorms combined with an intense need for a study break lead us to Minnehaha Falls the weekend after we returned from Wisconsin. We got outside in the beautiful weather, had a ton of fun, and only suffered minor injuries from slipping down the hills. You know, the way any college student wants to spend their weekend. Minnehaha was so beautiful, both the weather and the falls, I immediately loved it. It was such a good experience and I can’t believe that it took me a whole semester to finally take the light rail to go see it. Even though, the weather was heating up and the falls were starting to melt a little, it was still climbable and we all scrambled up the side of the hill to walk around behind the falls. It was quite the afternoon, the only thing missing was Sam, who was obviously with us in spirit.


We are always so happy to spend our weekends out and about and with each other. The soaking wet shoes and the $1.75 light rail fare is a small price to pay for an amazing afternoon with a group of people I couldn’t imagine college without. I am so grateful for this amazing bunch of people who put up with all of my plans and expeditions.



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