CLOUD and Me

WAM Collective


WAM Collective member, Laurel Darling, helping piece together CLOUD.

I have thought to myself several times since the beginning of my college career, this is the coolest thing I will ever do in my entire life. One of these times was the Friday morning that I came to WAM to help install Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garret’s CLOUD piece for the new exhibit, Clouds, Temporarily Visible. I was in awe when one of the artists, Caitlind, handed me a bag of lightbulbs and said, “Go for it.”

For a freshman like me who is not used to being around this much art, playing a role in the installation process was an amazing experience. Seeing the artists as real people whom I could talk to was unbelievable. I am so used to thinking of artists as distant people whom I will never interact with, like celebrities. So, I was surprised that the artists were so laid back…

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