This Blog Is Changing


College has been a huge change for me and although my love for reading and this blog remains, I am going to have to make some changes if I want to keep this blog active during the school year. Last semester I was not consistent with book reviews because I didn’t have a lot of time to read with my new and crazy schedule. Now that I have adjusted I feel prepared to continue with this blog, and plan to be posting regular updates (I’m going to aim for Fridays). The only catch is that I won’t always be writing about books. College is still a crazy place to be, regardless of if I have time to write or not and reading a book a week for fun isn’t always as realistic as I would like it to be. Fortunately for my readers, a lot of other things are always happening here and I will have plenty of things to write about.

This year has already brought me an amazing amount of books and adventures, and January isn’t even over. I was able to take a lovely trip to Mexico with my family, where we stayed in Cancún and had the opportunity to read and do yoga by the beach all week long. I read a considerable amount of books on this trip and over winter break. So in addition to the travel post I will write, I also have stockpiled a mess of book reviews so I have some material to bring the table even after a reading draught. I began working more with photography and art over break and that might be a topic that I may end up touching on. We will see where the wind takes us.

With all the changes that this blog will be seeing, I may end up changing the title and URL. I hope my readers will continue to be interested in my content, but if not, this blog will continue to be what it has always been: a place for me practice writing and talk about things I care about.


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