Powerless by Tera Lynn Childs and Tracy Deebs


Kenna has always been jealous of the Heroes, living her life in the lab trying to prove she is as useful as they are through research. In a world of good and evil, right and wrong, heroes and villains, Kenna knows what side she is on, or so she thought. After being witness to a Villain break in, the lines begin to become a little blurred. When Kenna’s mother goes missing, and her best friend switching sides it seems as though what Kenna has known her whole life isn’t so concrete and she begins to doubt everything she believes in.

Powerless is a good story about a group of unlikely friends united to a good cause. Even if it is a little cliche, it was a good fun story, but cliche is definitely something it was. A girl without superpowers trying to find her place in a world where she is surrounded with superhuman abilities only to find out she is the one who holds the whole group together and ends up being super irreplaceable. What can I say, it was just a tad predictable. She also falls in love with someone totally “unlikely”, by that I mean you could make an educated guess and probably guess who Kenna falls in love with.

Although this book was predictable, I did enjoy it. It was a fast read, and it was fun. It wasn’t a heavy read, it didn’t require a ton of brain power or thinking, which is good because after Saint Anything I was really ready for a good old dystopian novel where the characters have much more important things to worry about than falling in love but they do it anyway. Everyone knows how I feel about that.

Three stars, maybe three and a half.


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