Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut


Since this book is wildly popular, I am going to acknowledge that many of you have probably read it, but there are many people that haven’t and I haven’t written a book review in awhile so here we go.

Slaughterhouse Five is about a man named Billy Pilgrim and an author who I believe is writing about him. Billy Pilgrim is an optometrist, a soldier, and somewhat of a time traveler. The whole book revolves around Billy and his adventures.

I have mixed feelings about Billy. The soldiers he was in Dresden with thought he was some kind of idiot, his daughter thinks he is crazy, the man in the hospital thinks he is a waste of human life and his wife thinks he put the sun in the sky. As a person I think Billy Pilgrim would be average, I don’t think that I would be friends with him, but as a character Billy Pilgrim is extraordinary. Billy is kind of an example that anybody can live an interesting life I think. I feel like if a boring optometrist with a wife he hates can be abducted by aliens then there is hope for everyone.

I’m honestly not sure what the plot or conflict of this book was. It also feels like a framed narrative, but there is so little about the author that I’m not really sure if that counts as a frame. Despite the amount of confusion I am still feeling about this book, I really liked how it was written. Slaughterhouse Five brings in the reader within the first chapter and keeps their attention which is no small task. It is a quick read, but reader beware, it gives you a lot to think about in those 211 pages. I recommend it for sure. Definitely worth the book hangover.




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