The Brilliant Light of Amber Sunrise by Matthew Crow


When will sick children learn that the Cancer unit of a hospital is not the best place to fall in love? I mean, honestly, I’ve never read a story that started out like that and ended well. 

I clearly bought this book judging by the cover and it really wasn’t the worse decision I’ve ever made. It didn’t make my favorites list but it gave me something to do, as I am the last one of my friends to move into my dorm, I was desperately in need of something to do.

This book is about Francis, a dramatic teen with cancer, that falls in love with Amber, an obnoxious teen with cancer. Now, you may be thinking ‘Lauren, this fictional character has cancer! Don’t you think he has every right to be dramatic about that?!’ To which I would have to answer yes he does. When diagnosed with cancer, I believe you are allowed to cry and scream and hate the world as much as you want. However, how can you juggle obsessing over a girl on top of that? Talk about exhausting. I just don’t think waiting for a girl to text you back would be at the top of your priorities, but as I have never had a fatal disease I do not know. 

Aside from Francis’ drama and having it be kind of a remix of TFiOS, I liked it. Amber was such a great character and her personality holds true until the end. She is loud and obnoxious and really just tough. Her family is crazy and I adore Francis’ mother and brother. Honestly, they make the story. What I didn’t like was how Francis and Amber treated the other two teens in the Unit. At one point all I could think was how does putting down what some else likes make you cooler? I just really didn’t like the ‘you’re not like other girls’ type of attraction Francis had. 

3 stars though, it was decent


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