The Terminals by Royce Scott Buckingham

Only the badass die young


When I read that line on the cover of The Terminals, I thought to myself that the book I was about to read was either going to be really good or terrible. It turned out to be neither.

This book’s hero is a teenage boy named Cam who is unremarkable, especially when compared to his steroid laced teammates. Cam, like the other teenagers, is diagnosed with a brain tumor that is supposedly fatal. Like the other teens, He is given the choice to die in a hospital room or to work as a special agent of sorts and to spend the rest of his short life living dangerously for the good of the world. Cam experiences more doubt than the rest of the team when he starts receiving secret notes, this only increases when some of the missions don’t go as planned.

Like I said earlier, this book was neither remarkable nor terrible. The concept was good, but the story itself wasn’t engaging. I liked the idea, I really did, what I didn’t like was the characters, and the actual events. There was one point where a mass amount of main people died and I literally did not care at all. If people die and you don’t feel anything, something needs to change.

Where to begin with the characters… Let’s start with Cam. Like I said fairly unremarkable, however he rises up and leads this group of teens who have superhuman strength and wit. Tell me how that is plausible, please. Also i don’t think Cam has real feelings, he was attracted to every female character mentioned at one point or another and I would imagine that if the task at hand is saving the world, romance would be a little hard to find time for. Next is Zara, she is there to be the sexy, badass female. I think that Buckingham attempts to add depth to her by giving a short backstory about a boy she once loved, but it really seemed awkward and misplaced, like it didn’t really fit. I really only liked Ari and Wally and they aren’t even like remarkable characters. I only liked Wally because he vaguely reminds me of a cousin.

Three out of five stars. I’ve read better, and I’ve read worse.


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