The Colossus Rises (Seven Wonders #1) by Peter Lerangis


This book was a really tough book for me to get in to, for whatever reason I just really did not want to read it and unfortunately that feeling did not end when I actually did start reading it. I believe the problem lies in the fact that the main character is 13 and that it seemed like a knock off of Percy Jackson and The Olympians. Being 13 is not a bad thing, it just isn’t what I am looking to read. The book felt much too young to me and frankly it wasn’t a good enough story to make me want to keep reading. Being Percy Jackson is also not a bad thing, I loved that series. But I hate feeling like I’ve read the same book over and over (I have this problem with a lot of YA dystopian books as well).

In The Colossus Rises, 13 year old Jack McKinley discovers that he has gifts only a few people possess. He finds himself in the ruins of Atlantis with a strange scientist and a group of others like him, the Select. Throughout this book, the four Select children try to escape and generally cause trouble much more than they need to. They do everything, with little or no training and honestly, I still don’t know if Jack even has real powers. It really seems choppy to me, like pieces of the book don’t quite fit together, like maybe he tried to fit too much in one book and forgot about development.

So no, I guess I didn’t really like this one but it would be good to read to a 4th grader. Three stars.


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