Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls by Lynn Weingarten


Wow, this book was a trip.

June and Delia were best friends from the time Delia moved to town, until June began dating Ryan and some weird things went down. Since then, Delia and June kind of grew apart. Until June learns that Delia killed herself. Suddenly June finds herself trying to reconnect with a lost girl, a girl who tried to call just before she lit the matches that killed her. June gets wrapped up with Delia’s boyfriend and begins to believe that Delia didn’t really do it herself and after that things really go South. June gets caught up with a bunch of crazy people and in a mess of lies and pretty soon it seems that she is in too deep to get out.

Wow. I had to say it twice because I am still in shock from this book. I started and finished it today, which just lets you know that it is a quick read, but my mind is still reeling trying to figure out what happened. I have so many questions left, but I believe a good book is suppose to leave you feeling something good or bad, and if you want more, that’s definitely a good thing. It was fast paced and attention catching, everything about this book was mysterious and suspenseful. I’d even go as far as to say dangerous.

I’d give it four out of five stars

I want to go on about this book forever, but I spent too much of my allotted time blabbering on about Go Set A Watchman  and I would give everything away if I talked too much. Go read it yourself, you’ll love it, especially if you liked We Were Liars.


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