What I Thought Was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick


What a great summer book. Fluffy enough so you can relax and interesting enough so that it doesn’t put you to sleep. Plus, it’s set on an island!

This book is about Cass and Gwen and their strange love/hate relationship. The book flashes back and forth between the current summer and what happened I believe earlier in the year. Gwen has been avoiding Cass for awhile now, but that becomes more difficult as the summer begins. Cass got a job as the yard boy and is staying on island all summer and Gwen can’t help but run into him.

I love cutesy love stories. So I obviously devoured this book. Gwen was a perfect character and Cass was so sweet and Vivian and Nic were all just so good. They felt like real people and that is really important to me in a good book. If I am going to escape to some far off world, the people better at least be believable.

What I honestly valued about this book was the revelations Gwen had towards the end of the book regarding Cass. I think all too often boys get blamed for things that sometimes aren’t they way they seem so it was liberating to see Gwen kind of realize that she was part of the problem too. I just think that there were some stereotypes here that were shifted about and I liked it. I think some of that added a certain depth to a “cutesy” story.

Everyone go read this. I love Huntley Fitzpatrick.


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