Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews


Because of the film adaptation of this book that was released in June I thought I’d give this one a try, despite being sick of sad cancer books. After spending a good day or two reading, I realiaed that I was very eager to see the movie because to me, the story seemed like it would fit better on the big screen than in would on pages. Jesse Andrews did a good job of making it rather light hearted but I can’t honestly say that I liked it. It could just be that it isn’t my type but I will tell you what I did and did not like so you can determine how you feel for yourself.

I felt a lot of secondhand embarrassment during my time with this book. I felt bad for Greg (the main character) because he was kind of a loser, and despite his best intentions I didn’t think he was all that nice. I always felt like reading something painful while Greg was in social situations and I don’t like that kind of discomfort as a reader. I thought he wasn’t a good enough friend to Rachel (the Dying Girl), or a friend at all really. He was in it because of his mom and Earl was in it because of Greg. But the difference is that it always seemed like Earl cared. When Greg was with Rachel it seemed like he tried but it seemed like he was preoccupied with other things a lot.

I did like Rachel, she seemed like a real person. I liked Earl, too. Earl always seemed to really know what is going on with the world. I like that Earl doesn’t always let Greg off the hook too.

I’d give it a 2 and a half stars just because of how painfully awkward I felt reading Greg’s conversations.


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