The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

What can I say? I’m a sucker for a good dystopian series and that is precisely what this is.

The Lunar Chronicles provides the readers with unlikely heroes and thrilling tales all while keeping a slight trace of old fairy tales. I loved it. I have read all the way through Cress I am only really going to review Cinder because it could get just a little confusing.

Cinder is about a teenage girl mechanic who faces discrimination everyday because of the fact that she is also a cyborg. Her only friends are an android and the one stepsister that doesn’t hate her. One day when the dreamy prince brings Cinder an android to fix things get complicated. Cinder and Prince Kai develop a strange relationship and he invites her to be his royal guest. Unfortunately they can’t ride off into the sunset and enjoy their happily ever after because there are more pressing issues to attend to. Cress has been selected for the Cyborg Draft, the plague is threatening to take down more citizens, and the Lunar Queen wants to marry the prince and take over the Commonwealth.

Really this book was a worth while read. It was fun and interesting. Usually I complain about having read the same book several different times (Divergent, Hunger Games, The Testing) but this series is definitely unlike anything I have read before and I want everyone to read it.


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