The Last Time We Say Goodbye by Cynthia Hand

Yes, this book is also kind of about suicide. No, no one needs to worry about me, I just happened to like when authors run over my heart with semi-trucks and then leave it there to bleed. I really like sad books, but don’t worry the review after this one will be a total change of pace.

In the book, The Last Time We Say Goodbye, Lex is trying to let go of her brother, Tyler, after he killed himself. Lex is a smart girl, and after what happens with her brother she kind of pushes everything aside to be alone and wallow. She distances herself from her friends, she breaks up with her boyfriend, she even gets a bad grade on a calculus test. Lex doesn’t know how to deal with her mother or herself or anything after Tyler. This book is about her trying to function like a person does, after an unthinkable event happens and I like that.

This book was a mostly honest story that took me one flight to read. I say mostly honest because the way people treated Lex seem to be correct, but I don’t know if I would handle things the way Lex did. I do understand that all people are different, but the people I know who have lost siblings to suicide aren’t able to function like Lex, the people I know handled it more like their mom, by drinking more. I don’t know. Writing about people who drown their sorrows isn’t fun and exciting, I liked that Lex came through. She is hope, and she kind of leads the way for the rest of her family, even when she thinks she is going crazy.


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