Mosquitoland by David Arnold

I really liked this book.

Mim was a one of a kind character that I loved right off the bat. Adapting to the life of a stepmother and an incoming stepsister is driving Mim up the wall, piling that on top of a divorce, a mother who seems to have disappeared entirely, and a father who insists on medicating her, well that’ enough to make anyone crazy. When Mim feels like she has been pushed too far she gets on a bus to go find her mother and that’s when the story gets interesting.

During her travels, Mim meets a whole host of wild and crazy character. From kind old ladies to creepy men with glassy eyes, she handles everything the road throws at her with near perfect grace. I loved her.

This book is an awesome story. It reminds me of a road trip book with heavier baggage. All the characters were beautiful and the adventure is beyond anything I would have ever thought of. I recommend reading this book if you liked Let’s Get Lost and My Heart and Other Black Holes. This book does talk about mental illness and suicide, so trigger warning with that. But it really is a good story of finding a family in the people you chose as well as the people life gives to you.


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