Zac and Mia by A.J. Betts

This book is for anyone who wants something like the Fault in Our Stars. I am a colossal fan of John Green and this is a book about cancer and love. For all of you who can’t let go of Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace, Zac and Mia might at least distract you for a little while.

Zac and Mia starts with Zac and his mom in the oncology ward. Zac has been there for a while and he just wants to go home, or at least a little bit of privacy, when Mia comes in. He doesn’t actually talk to Mia very much, but they kind of keep tabs on each other across the hall. Mia is angry and seems a little bit petty to Zac, but he still thinks she’s pretty. The real adventure starts when they are out of the hospital and Mia needs help.

I loved this book. I think the characters reacted both in ways that someone would if they had cancer. Mia is extremely angry and quite the force to be reckoned with, she even hides it from all her friends. Zac is just getting through it, they help each other a little bit. I like the setting, The Good Olive, Zac’s family farm, is such a quaint place to tell a story. I wish I could visit. I liked it because the cancer was there but I don’t really think that’s what the book was about. I think it took the canacer for them to really straighten things out, for Mia at least.

I would definitely recommend this one.


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