Lucy In The Sky – Anonymous

Lucy in the Sky is written in the tradition of Go Ask Alice, Letting Ana Go, and Jay’s Journal so it’s anonymous. I didn’t love it. I remember being really enthralled with Letting Ana Go, and Go Ask Alice. I’d give it 2 stars.

I know it was written by a sixteen year old, so it wasn’t perfect. It made it very distracting for me to read and take the story seriously. I also thought it was a bit extreme, she smoked pot once and then she was overdosing on heroin. I know that stuff wrecks your life but it was just hard to believe everyone could just have that stuff around. It’s probably different in California than in Small Town, Wisconsin, but still.

It might be awhile before I can do another review because The Talisman is next in line and that one is a doozy.


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