Losing Hope

I really liked Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover. I really liked it. The cover caught my eye as it was sitting among the other books in my English teacher’s shelves. I read Hopeless last year and I throughly enjoyed Sky’s perspective and I was interested in reading it from Holder’s perspective. Honestly, I liked it wayyyy better than Sky’s.

Losing Hope is about Dean Holder. Holder has been through the ringer. When he was a child, he lost his best friend, Hope. He carries around the guilt of letting her be kidnapped and beats himself up over what he couldn’t help. In the beginning of this book, Holder loses his twin sister to suicide. One thing leads to another and his anger gets him sent to live with his father. When he returns, after his 18th birthday, he sees a girl at the grocery store that looks like Hope. After following the girl, he tries to convince himself that it is not her and he falls very much in love with her.

In this story Holder and Sky both discover secrets about their pasts and fall super in love.

It’s a really cute story. Read Hopeless first though.


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