The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider

I am on good streak. From Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock to Let’s Get Lost to The Beginning of Everything I have not been disappointed.

This book started crazy and ended crazy. In the very beginning, when they were talking about Toby and his tragedy of catching a severed head at twelve years old, I was reminded of Paper Towns. I am not picking on Robyn. I loved that she began talking about Toby and Ezra as children. I like that the story came back to Toby and Ezra again and again. Anyway, this book was a ride. It was insane. I read through my Law and Government class this morning to finish it, it was that good.

The Beginning of Everything is about Ezra. Or Golden Boy Ezra, as he referred to himself in the beginning. Ezra was a golden boy, he was prom king, he was on the student government, varsity tennis since he was a freshman, and he was dating the hottest girl in school. Was, as in past tense, because all of that ended the week before prom at a party. A car crash after a break up left Ezra alone and hurt. When he learned he could never play tennis again, and his friends never came to visit him he knew senior year would be different.

Ezra reconnects with Toby and joins the debate team. But he feels like his life only begins to change when he meets Cassidy, a strange and pretty girl from a different school. Ezra starts living his life without sports and discovers who he is without a crew of jocks following him around.

Did I say already that I love this book? I love Ezra, I  would marry him if he existed. But even more than I love Ezra, I love his character development and I love his friends who let him know when he is being a douche. Every character in this book is gold. And every chapter is a new adventure. My life is better because I read this.

Thank you, Robyn Schneider, for blessing me with a great story about change and discovery.

I loved this book.


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