Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid

I just found my second favorite book. I say second because it’s going to take a life changer to replace Looking for Alaska. 

Let’s Get Lost was everything I wanted in a book. It had all the adventure of Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour, with more seriousness. The seriousness of the book isn’t felt until you reach the end and that makes the difference. It crosses the line of fun and flirty YA and provokes thinking. The whole time that I was reading I was wondering what had happened to Leila, why was she doing this? I also wanted to know if the characters she met where going to come back.

Let’s Get Lost is about Leila, but it isn’t told through Leila for most of the book. Leila is on a journey and her story is told through the people she meets and impacts on her way. Leila meets all kind of interesting people and falls into all kinds of situations, she even lands herself in jail.

I recommend this amazing book to anyone who lives. I loved it so much. Anyone who loves John Green and Paper Towns and It’s Kind of a Funny Story should be on their way to the bookstore to purchase this book as they are reading this review.



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