Vanishing Acts by Jodi Piccoult

Vanishing Acts was the perfect way to spend my day at home. I really like Ms. Piccoult’s style of writing.

Vanishing Acts is about Delia, a girl who grew up in New Hampshire with two best friends who are in love with her, and a father who would do anything to give her the world, even if it meant the possibility of spending the rest of his life in jail. Delia is a search and rescue officer who is engaged to one of her best friends, Eric, and they adore their only child, Sophie. Fitz, the other best friend, is just as present in Delia’s life as Eric and sometimes it was hard for me to even have an opinion on who I really wanted her to be with. But, this story is not about Eric and Delia and Fitz’s strange love triangle. It’s about how Delia wasn’t always Delia. It’s a story of lies and mystery and friendship and alcoholism. This story seemed to be convoluted in the way that there was so many different elements coming into play. After Delia discovers that he father is charged with her kidnapping, Delia’s life is turned upside down. She is left to figure out who she is and was, where she comes from, and what’s best for her and Sophie.

I loved it, I loved it so much. I loved the beginning and the end and all the middle parts in between. It was emotional but not gushy, it was the perfect balance. I recommend it for anyone who doesn’t want to cry but still wants an emotional ride.


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