Period 8 by Chris Crutcher


I have had Period 8 on my bookshelf since the beginning of last summer and I’ve been putting it off forever. My (very bad) reason for doing this is because I hate sports books. I don’t care about them and they don’t interest me.

All biases aside, I loved Period 8. It wasn’t even really a sports book. The story is about a classroom. The main character, Paulie Bomb, messes up big time and goes through a nasty break up with his literally perfect girlfriend. The story revolves around the family atmosphere of period eight, a lunch period where all the kids talk about their problems and confide in their teacher, Mr. Logs. Just like in all high school situations, there is someone that can’t be trusted, but this goes a little bit farther than who banged their best friends boyfriend like in other high school stories. Things get strange when “the Virgin Mary” Wells goes missing and no one knows where she went.

This story is thrilling and fun and crazy. The ending will have you reading past your bedtime and holding your breath.


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