Everything Leads To You by Nina LaCour

Emi is not what I would call an average teenager. She is just graduating high school and she is the production designer for an indie film in LA. Although she is dealing with designing the perfect set, she is also dealing with high school problems. Her ex-girlfriend, Morgan, has broken up with her six times, her best friend, Charlotte, is moving to Michigan, and her brother is in another country.

This book follows the story of how Emi fell in love with Ava Garden Wilder. It starts with Emi and Charlotte at an estate sale of an old film star. When a letter comes out of the record that they bought, they do everything they can to solve the mystery. One thing leads to another and eventually Ava is in Emi’s movie and everything is okay.

I really loved this book because it hooked me right away. I was very interested in learning about Clyde Jones and her secret daughter, Caroline. It didn’t take long and I wanted to know how she died and what had happened to her baby.

I became more and more concerned with the characters too. I liked Charlotte the best, but Emi was always surprising me. When I start reading I picture a character (unless otherwise described) as something I’m used to, the girls are all variations of my and my classmates and the boys I usually pick movie stars, but that’s not the point. Emi was so cool and different, she was a lesbian and she was part black, which really isn’t a different thing it just wasn’t how I pictured her. And I loved it, diverse YA books are something to be treasured and I am so glad I read this.

This book is a great read for anyone who is a fan of Colleen Hoover or for anyone who has read Hold Still.


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