Graduation Day by Joelle Charbonneau


I have been in love with this series ever since I discovered them a little over a month ago. However, I did not love this last book like I have loved the first two. I understand that it is hard to follow up after two awesome books, I felt that everyone was against Cia for no reason. Some aspects just didn’t seem to fit together to me, such as if the teachers and officials didn’t like her, why did she get the good internship and the class load? If they were trying to overload her it didn’t work. (If you have answers I’d love to hear your ideas!)

This book is a good read for anyone who has read the first two, also for anyone who likes dystopian novels but doesn’t like the love story. There is an aspect of romance, but it is not overbearing. This book follows Cia and her friends through their studies and their plans to aid the rebellion and end the testing.

This book has some really good aspects even if I wasn’t as interested in Graduation Day as I was in The Testing or Independent Study.

I loved the character development! Cia obviously was the main focus, and she wasn’t even the character I noticed. She became more fearless and still kept her conscience. Thomas just wanted to go home, and really who can blame him? I am glad that Thomas stayed the same because you have someone really dependable to rely on when you can’t be sure about everyone else. But I want to focus in on Raffe and Will. No one knew if Raffe could be trusted or what side he was really on. As the book goes on, I learned to love Raffe. He impressed me beyond any of the testing candidates. The challenges he overcame when he teamed up with Cia left me speechless. Will obviously is a wild card, as we have learned from the testing, but he really pulled through as well. I love to think that Will is only dangerous and ruthless, but he also has a soft spot (mostly for his brother).

I really did like the end. The plot twists concerning Dr. Barnes and President Collindar forced me to get to the end of this book in record time. Thomas is where he needs to be, home, and I am very happy with Cia’s decision as well. She has the makings of a leader. All this time I thought everyone who was redirected was killed, I was happy to find out otherwise.

In short, this book was well done, Although it didn’t get super interesting until the end, I really did like it. And everyone who has read my other reviews knows that I love Cia.


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