The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey

My very first post on this dear blog of mine was about a book that I instantly fell in love with, The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey. I am very happy to be writing this review on the second book.

Once you fall in love with a book it is very hard for the sequel to surpass or even meet the bar that the first had set. In the beginning of The Infinite Sea I was skeptical, I loved the 5th Wave so much there was no way it could compare, but I had questions, and I wanted more of my new favorite book.

The Infinite Sea was so good. The first book shifted perspectives, from Cassie’s to Ben’s to Evan’s and so on, The Infinite Sea did that as well. Not only did we get Cassie’s view ( which I loved ), I got to see Ringer’s side. Ringer was such a mystery, the excellent female soldier who didn’t joke or talk about her personal life before. I adored hearing the way she thought about things and I was very surprised by her emotions, especially at the end.

Poundcake was another point of view that I really liked. In the first book, that’s all they are, soldiers, children that are trained to kill the “the bad guy.” You have no idea who they are, where they have been, or who they have been taken from. Poundcake never talks and yet there are just a couple sections dedicated to him. His search for his brother, the verbal abuse from his mother, the reason that he never talks, Poundcake is quite the mystery as well. It is heartbreaking. That kid is always hoping for his brother, he constantly watched out for him among new recruits at Patterson-Wright and was thinking of his brother when he saw the children. I came to like that chubby little soldier quite a lot.

This book starts where the last book left off. Everyone is impatient and waiting for Evan to get back and Ringer is the most impatient, she goes off and Teacup follows. Most of the first part of the book takes place in that hotel. Evan comes back and of course clashes with Ben. They all want to avoid dying and move along before they are found. That proves to be much more difficult than planned because of some unexpected people (Grace and Megan).

The second half of the book is mostly with Ringer as she recovers from being upgraded and going through Wonderland a second time. The character development with her is so good. She loves Teacup like Poundcake loves his brother, or Cassie loves Sams.

All around, this book was phenomenal, and I highly recommend it.


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