Independent Study by Joelle Charbonneau


A+ to Joelle Charbonneau, she knows where romance belongs in a dystopian. I love Cia, she will be put on my list of wonderful females for sure.

Independent Study begins as Cia and the rest of the colony students that passed the Testing are taking their general exams. Cia and Thomas are falling back in love, and Cia finds the recording she created at the end of the last book.
The examinations place her in Government studies instead of her desired field and she is separated from her friends. She excels in Induction and takes on 9 classes as well as an internship with the president herself. She works with Mical and a few classmates to fix the way the testing is done, but that brings trouble.
I can’t wait to see what happens in Graduation Day, unfortunately I have a stack of books up to my shoulder that I have to read before I can get to it. I love how Thomas and Cia have a relationship but it is only present when Cia wants it to be, after being chosen for government there was no mention of Thomas at all during the induction. But after he was still there for her. I love it.


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