Romance in Dystopian Novels: a Mini-Rant

There is a time and place for romance. There are times when romance is good and possibly encouraged, for example when you’re on a date you can be romantic. Romance goes hand in hand with Nicholas Sparks, and even though John Green writes a different kind of love story it still is a love story.

Do you what is not a love story?

The Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Testing, those are just a couple examples of books that I don’t think are or should be love stories. I will not deny that there is an element or love/romance, but that is not the focus. The focus is placed on the corrupted government and truthfully I don’t think those characters can really afford to get sidetracked by relationships. In the dystopian world, especially when they are faced with difficult tasks, getting distracted or being careless could cost them or their families their lives.

Although The Hunger Games is not a love story, it has an element of love but more strongly is the element of care. Katniss cares more about her family and her friends than herself, and that is mistaken for a love triangle mess. The way I see it Katniss was never in love with Gale, she does what she believes will be best for him, and she does the same with Peeta. Katniss did not want to admit she loved Peeta. Katniss put her family and the task at hand first. Katniss survives and in the end she does end up with Peeta but that isn’t what the book is about, the book is about the revolution and fighting for what is right.

I will admit that there is an added dimension to the story when there is an aspect of love, but I also think that the small aspect of a small romance gets blown out of proportion and overshadows the real focus. For example, Divergent is about being brave, sticking to what you know is right, and standing up for yourself and that is overshadowed by the romance between Tris and Four. I don’t think it’s fair to the stories to ignore all the other concepts and focus in on the teeny tiny romance. I will stand up for great elements that get ignored!

That is all.


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