The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau

So I recently finished the first book in the Testing trilogy: The Testing. By recently I mean roughly a half hour ago.

As I huge fan of dystopian novels, I already was excited to read this book, but I didn’t have super high expectations. Cia reminded me of Katniss, and I have read nearly a billion of the same book so I was a little worried as well.

This book has some downfalls. For starters, I could put it down. I forgot about it for at least a week while I was busy with a book for school. It also doesn’t sound good, the title reminds me of high school and the sequels title is actually a class I am in. I get that is about a school but really. All in all, there could be much worse problems to have.

I don’t mean to bash this book at all (that isn’t even bashing, you should hear me talk about Eleanor and Park), I do have some really good things to say about this particular novel. I love Cia, she is smart and cunning and modest. She takes care of Thomas and helps him, but she won’t flat out say she loves him. There is no messy love story problems if the boy is the clingy one (I CANNOT EMPHASIZE HOW MUCH I LOVE THAT). I love that Cia figures everything out and is trusting anyway. I love Cia as a character. Thomas reminds me a little bit of Four from Divergent because he is moody, but he is different because he is clingy and I like that too! I really loved the plot and the concepts and the testing scene. It was very well written and once I picked it up a second time I got through it in one day.

I will write to you all soon, until then, I will be reading Independent Study!


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