The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

Reading is an important part of my life, and hopefully many of yours as well. Keeping a book in my mind for a very long time is no easy task, and yet this book that I picked up by chance has been in my thoughts since I read it at least a month ago. Cassie and her brother keep walking through my head, begging me to read The Infinite Sea and to ignore the book that I have to read for my English class.

The 5th Wave follows Cassie’s journey in the world after the world is taken over by aliens. She had a family, before all of this began, before the waves hit. The first wave took out the electricity, leaving everyone without the things that they depend on in this day and age. The second wave was a wave, a tsunami to be exact. That wiped out a lot of the coastal areas. Third came the disease, they had a lot of different names for it but it was a more deadly version of Ebola, and that took Cassie’s mother, and a huge chunk of the population. ┬áThe Silencers were fourth, they were humans with aliens stuck inside their brain and they killed people. They left the kids.

Cassie had to fend for herself and what she had left of her family. She to go on not knowing what had happened to all her friends that she left behind. An old friend is reintroduced and followed through his training process. The fifth wave is for you to find out.

I loved this book, if I am ever faced with an apocalypse I hope to be like Cassie Sullivan.


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